The shift in the aviation industry: Are freighters taking over?

With the industry taking a shift in focus due to the COVID-19, we see freighter operators start to make giant leaps and bounds in their cargo operations due to the lack of passenger flights. Would we once again see a shift in the aviation industry towards freighters and will it last?

What does the pandemic and logistics have in common?

It shows you how stubborn some people can be when they’re told to do something outside of their normal daily routine. The reluctance for change and the resentment that follows when its enforced plagues the logistics industry since it even existed. Why is this a problem?

The end of a journey; the start of a new adventure

When people say that good things never last, it’s not exactly true. While yes, a lot of good tends to have an end, much like the bad, but good things don’t always end just like that. Sometimes, it needs to end to be replaced with something better.

What does it mean to be in logistics?

What does it mean to be in logistics? People ask me questions about it. To me, it's about being a critical part of a big machine and contributing to the greater good.

Running a Startup: It’s all in the guts

Data and analytics can only go so far when running startups. Running a proper startup requires you to have a gut feeling, because if you don't, how are you going to make the important decisions?

Aimed high? Aim much higher.

I grew up learning business and being taught that goals matter. I'm writing this as a person, from my perspective on how to thrive and not just survive.

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