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What does it mean to be in logistics?

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What does it mean to be in logistics? People ask me questions about it. To me, it's about being a critical part of a big machine and contributing to the greater good.

I think over the past couple of weeks, I have been asked questions along the lines of, “what got you into logistics?” or “why are you in logistics?”, at least on 8 separate occasions and many more in my time working. To be honest, sometimes even my own brother and future father in law might be thinking why is this nut job in logistics.

The simple answer to it is that it is fun. Logistics is not just about the moving and transportation of goods, there’s depth to what a logistics professional do. You don’t just move goods, you move economies. You facilitate growth. In a lot of ways, logistics makes the world of trade go round, which in turn makes day to day life, a breeze.

I live in sunny (sometimes rainy) Singapore. A nation of great innovation and development. A true forward thinking country. However, being a humble red dot on the map, there’s not a lot of local produce or manufacturing that goes on in the country. Imagine a life where you can’t get produce or that favourite chocolate your significant other desperately need (you know when they do…), it’s all possible through logistics.

2020 introduced a wild card, a virus that was unknown and lethal (to a certain extent), it saw the travel industry crumble, economies grinding to a halt. One thing that remained constant? Freight and logistics. Why? Well, people need to eat, hospitals need medicines and research labs fighting the virus needs to send samples across the globe.

Logistics to me is not just about the mundane day to day. Logistics to me is about being a significant cog in a well-oiled machine. We’re a critical part in the whole scheme of things. It’s the day to day problems and issues to me that makes what I do fun. It makes me want to jump up and solve it. Knowing that solving that piece of the puzzle, contributes in a macro way.

P.S. While I love what I do, and never ask for this, I will this time. Unless your parcel/shipment is delayed beyond reasonable measures, take some time and realise the hard work that it takes to deliver your goods. Even if it’s as simple as a GrabFood/UberEATS/Postmates order, it takes effort and the sweat of the people working to get it to you so that you have comfort/convenience. Give credit to the people in logistics, we mostly get all the complaints, so I’m 99% sure that they will appreciate it when you show your appreciation. (1% reserved for certified A%$^%$#S out there)


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