Having a business idea is no longer enough in today’s day and age. I can come up with an idea within the next 10 minutes and it can be considered a business idea.

On-Demand Rubber Ducky

Okay, that one is a bad idea…

Business Incorporation App
Fashion Consultant App — 24/7 fashion advise
On-demand spare parts services

See. Ideas. All these ideas however, does not mean anything unless you actually act upon it, have a concise business plan and go out there and work it, it remains what it is, an idea.

However, how do you know which idea to take up and build on and which to keep as ideas? That folks, is why not all #startups succeed, not all of them end up in tech sites, the news and is used by millions of people.

I chose an idea that I thought will work, not only as a business, but as the next revolution. Trust me, revolution is a big word, but if you’re building something you have no passion for, no excitement for and no ambition for, then you should just not bother.

Having the drive, the passion and the heart to pour into a business idea is what makes businesses successful. It’s what turns an idea into the next big thing.

Kate Spade and Depression After Business Exit

This is why entrepreneurs who exit might get hit with depression or a feeling of emptiness. It is the sole fact that business ideas that have a heart, personality, a soul, is what brings it to the next level. For Markus Persson, Anthony Bourdain, Kate Space, and many others, it is the business and the work that matters most to them. Work is nothing without passion.

A successful business is nothing without the person behind it all.

Apple, Steve Jobs. Microsoft, Bill Gates. Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. Tesla, Elon Musk. Uber, Travis Kalanick. It is all the people.

With that, I say, build it heart. Build with passion. Love what you do.

Don’t work. Build

That is what makes you grow, whether you succeed, or you fail.