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A man who loves to move things

Being in logistics since 2013 and learning the ins and outs of business since the age of 6, I love logistics and the complex simplicity it holds.

Starting off young and travelling since I was the age of 4, who wouldn't fall in love with aviation? I love aircrafts and I love how they work. Does it mean I want to build them? No. My math is horrendous and I'll end up engineering a plane that would fly itself into the side of a mountain.

That doesn't stop me from wanting to work with them! So what better way to do that than to put things on aircrafts and having them transported from A to B? Cue my love for logistics. I love how simple some problems can be and yet require complex solutions. But anyways, you can find a summary of my life story here.

This blog exists for 1 main purpose, for me to share! I share things from my personal life experiences, logistics perspective, and even work culture perspective. I am by no means an expert, I am merely an expert of my own opinions. So, if you disagree, I'd be happy to debate with you.

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