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Moving: The Decision

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Moving is no small decision. I wrote about starting over in the past, but I never got into moving all too much. I was more focused on putting across the importance of the decision.

Moving is no small decision. I wrote about starting over in the past, but I never got into moving all too much. I was more focused on putting across the importance of the decision.

I am not going to tell you what you should do. I am going to be walking you through MY thought process and my experiences about moving, and my two cents.

The decision came, not lightly.

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful. — Herman Cain

I found that my current environment and circumstances did little to allow me to grow. I was restricted at work, and out. The things I can achieve, became impossible.

Let me first be clear, it wasn’t that I didn’t try. I did, I put in the effort to try and tolerate. I compromised, I worked with and tried my best to be understanding. Yet, it just wasn’t working out for me.

I’ve tried ways to make things work, but I just wasn’t able to make it happen. The things that I want to achieve, became so far to reach; I had no more room to grow.

The day I saw little to no potential without putting myself onto a path that many would disapprove. That was when I made my decision.

I’ve always wanted to move.

Being here in Jakarta, Indonesia in the long run, was never my intention. I’ve always belong better overseas. My own country, even though home, wasn’t a place I could function.

After realizing how difficult it is to get things done. What normally takes a day everywhere else in the world, can take a month, I couldn’t handle it.

This country has potential and a lot to offer but I simply wasn’t able to reap from it. Not being able to function has hampered me in more ways than I can think of.

I’ve always had a rough plan to move, a draft schematic if you will. I’ve never really put it in drive simply because I’ve always thought that I could salvage this. Maybe, it’ll turn around, it’ll get better and the situation will improve.

Have I ever been more wrong in my life.

Moving back here, was in my mind, in the better interest of the family. Thinking that maybe my parents would fair better. (Yes. Parents. I’m not that old yet.)

Little did I know that it would be one of the biggest mistakes in my life.

I traded up better, for better financial stability and also peace of mind for my aging parents. Instead, what my decision brought upon, was just more difficulties and disparagement .

The big decision

After a long period, having to drop out of college due to them being money minded and trying to con me out for more. Getting ill, even requiring surgery earlier in the month. Trying to adapt to the work style of the people, I told myself, “Enough.”

I’ve grown as much as I could with where I am, and now I want to go out and grow even further. It wasn’t a decision I would say was easy for me to make. I was sad.

But, it was a decision that I thought was best for me and for my future. It is for my own good, despite what my parents thought about my decision to move out. To drop everything I’ve achieved, to start from absolute scratch.

I am determined that whatever I’m going to find out there, is going to help me grow further. I mentally prepared myself, I know it is not going to be easy, but I’m going ahead with it anyway.

So, decision made, now what?

Now, I start over.

Coming to the decision of starting over wasn’t easy, but it was what I thought was necessary. If you’re at this stage, I suggest you read this: Starting over: My humble opinion

I want to remind you again that this is my experiences and my opinion on the subject. I have yet to move. I will turn this into a multipart series of posts here on Medium. So you can get an insight on the first hand experience of me moving out.

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