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What is happening to the world?

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The wonderful world that we live in, has changed. I’m in no position to say how much the world has changed.

Today this piece of news popped up on my Twitter feed:

Casualties feared after Kabul blast - BBC News
Casualties feared after at least one blast hits protest in Afghan capital

Then it got me thinking about what is actually going on with the world today. The wonderful world that we live in, has changed. I’m in no position to say how much the world has changed. After all, I’ve only been on the earth for 20 years. However, I am in a unique position, despite my age, I’ve seen the world. I travelled all over the place as a child and got to see the world, in the unadulterated eyes of a child.

There are many good in the world and growing up travelling and meeting all sorts of people, gives you a sense that people of this world are good and that when the need arises and you find yourself in trouble, you’ll have help.

Little did I know, how things are change and are so malleable, what became of the world is now appalling.

You can imagine how shocked I was seeing the people of today morph into what we’ve become. Technology and new perspective in life has changed the world. For the better? I’m not so sure.

Back to the attack that I’ve read, happening in the heart of Kabul, Afghanistan. I was genuinely shocked to have read that an alleged suicide bomber has detonated himself in the middle of the crowd, during a peaceful demonstration. The BBC has reported that a Taliban spokesperson has denied involvement and was condemning the attack.

I’m not about to start with the Taliban or ISIS or any other terror groups out there. At the end of the day, it’s not by association that makes one bad, it’s by their actions. I am appalled by what these people can do to other human beings. Religion is no longer the issue, it’s the fixation on world domination.

Nearly all man can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power. — Abraham Lincoln

I can’t comprehend why people can think that it is the Muslim faith that caused these people to terrorise others and force their beliefs on everyone else and calls us ‘infidels’. It is not. Having interactions with people of the Muslim faith in school and at work, has shown me that they aren’t what the media projects. Sure, some of them aren’t the best of people, but then again, does that have anything to do with religion?

The measure of a man’s good is not by one’s faith, but of action.

Say, all these terror attacks are because of the faith, and they believe that the world should be of ONE faith. Read this:

Indonesian Police Say DNA Confirms Most Wanted Terror Suspect Is Dead
JAKARTA, Indonesia - Indonesia's national police confirmed through DNA testing that the country's most wanted terrorism…

This was recent news and happened in my own country. Admittedly, I’m not the most Indonesian person out there and I’ve only spent a total of 1/4 of my life here, but I do not understand this. A man, who headed a terrorist cell in Indonesia pledged his allegiance to the ISIS movement, but isn’t Indonesia one of the largest Muslim population in the world?

The recent attacks on the people of the world is not an act based on religion or beliefs, but that of people that are power hungry.

Riddle me this, you say you would kill all those not of your faith, infidels, but yet you have a terror group in the very country that’s dominated by your own people.

People are slowly no longer good. Because of the tiny percentage of people that do bad, everyone else becomes weary. Who today, when you see people in trouble, would go to aid them without thinking twice? Admit it, we used to do it without question, but now, you will think twice on the implications it would have on you.

I’ve experienced it first hand.

Driving to school, a motorcyclist hit a road divider and fell onto my lane. I ground to a halt, used my car as a barrier with my hazard lights on, got out and began to help the man get his motorcycle up and made sure he was okay. Without hesitation, when he’s realised what happened, he turned to me and accused me of hitting him, causing him to fall.

That being an impossible scenario, I got back into my car and left. Despite risking being rear-ended by another vehicle to come to aid to this man, he came back, not a single sign/gesture of gratitude but instead accused me of wrongdoing.

I can’t quite fathom how one can do that to another. After being aided to in times of need, to turn to that other person and blatantly accuse them of wronging you.

Am I wrong for viewing the world this grim? Am I just being pessimistic? Can the world turn around and be good again?


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