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Who am I?

This is me. Who I am as a person, what I do and what I'm good at. A logistics and business professional in the world against his odds. Learn more about me.

Where do I begin? Hi, I'm Aaron Michael. I'm a logistics and business professional. I've worked as a logistics consultant for the past 9 years in time-critical, special project logistics. Recently, I worked in the e-commerce logistics and have found that it is lacking in a lot of ways. I wanted to fix that.

Queue Aersure

I started this new venture because I felt that there was injustice being done to the e-commerce goods of the world. I mean, who wants to be excited and stupidly happy for something they bought online, only to be frustrated with it after? Definitely not this guy, along with millions of others.

With my determination, I built Aersure to provide the best online shopping experience from start to finish. We bring to the table transparency, competitive shipping prices and service quality like no other. This journey started in 2018. Aersure was acquired by in 2019 and rebranded to be Shipper Cross Border in April 2021. I have since made my departure then.

What do I do now?

Now, I lead the Special Projects team within the Cross Border department in Ninja Van. It sounds fancy, big and important at first glance. While the latter is true, fancy and big isn't really it. I'm still building the small, tightly knitted team, to manage difficult lanes, solutions and projects that the core team doesn't have focus or capacity on.

Joining Ninja Van was a decision made that would allow me to continue to make a difference in logistics. Even though my scope of work is more narrow then back in Aersure, my role allows me to make real differences in the markets that I do touch. Since joining Ninja Van, I've been looking after multiple projects and niche countries. Today, we're one of the players in the markets that are actively helping the infrastructure in the markets we're in to be more optimised for e-commerce.

What you should know about me

I am a very blunt person, I've always been since a very young age. That said, I am never afraid to speak my mind of my opinions and feedback. I never believed in sugar coating anything. As Ingrid might say, I am a literal asshole sometimes, and that's okay. You don't have to like me, you just have to grow together with me.

I love cars. Put me behind the wheels of your Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Aston Martin, Porsche, Nissan GTR, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW, anything with an engine, you can bet your life savings I will push it to its absolute limits...for fun of course.

Much of someone's real character lies in what they don't say about themselves. – Joyce Rachelle

I am a geek. I used to be a fat smarty pants (not that there's anything wrong with fat people), and I love technicalities, theory and anything that excites my frontal lobe. what did I tell ya?

Self-praise is the first sign of insecurity – me

I had a surgery in 2016, which was painful. That also means I had a history of health issues. Particularly, my colon. It decided it wanted to be an asshole and messed up my digestive tract which caused a lot of ugly, painful, wincing and crying. I had part of the colon removed to show it dominance. It's been behaving ever since.

I really don't know what else to say about myself...

Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power – Abraham Lincoln

I don't take praise very well. So, only do that if you absolutely have to.

Short life story

I left Indonesia when I was 4 years old. Barely understanding the world, I already had to understand how to get on the right plane. I mean, I didn't wanted to end up in Timbuktu either. So there I was. A life of airports and aircrafts, not by choice mind you. Soon, I got the hang of flying and would refuse to get off planes.

My dad didn't treat me very much like a child, which resulted in me catching on with work and business at a very young age. You can say that while peers my age were in schools and parks, I was in offices and aircrafts. Business was a strong foundation for me growing up, I learnt everything early and got used to a lot of things.

At the age of 17, I started doing small projects that led to bigger projects and before I knew it, I was running 3-6 different projects concurrently. That was when I started my consultancy and when I decided to start a business.

Past work

  1. Aersure - CEO
  2. Ninja Van - Consultant
  3. IE Post - Consultant
  4. Aeroner - Director

Not a lot. However, in the six years I've been working in logistics, I've seen a lot of things. Mostly crazy, but still a lot of things. Okay maybe a bulk of it is in Aeroner. It used to be a logistics management consultancy firm, ran and managed by yours truly, handling projects that have NDAs that would outlive even my grandchildren, so let's just say, enough to be numb to a lot of crazy things happening.

The experiences I've gotten, also gave me a knack for the finding solutions to problems that people don't even want to touch, let alone attempt to solve. I'm a fixer of problems if you will back when I started my career in logistics. Now, I'm out to solve a bigger problem, a problem that everyone is forced to accept and move on from on a daily basis.

Simply put, I move things. Anything. If you have something that needs to be moved, you can bet your money I can get it there. Rain or shine, no feat is too big or too small for me to handle. If I say I'll do it, you bet it'll get done.

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