Moving: Execution

When you’re looking to relocate, it isn’t as easy as 123. Unless you’re moving because a company told you to, it is a lot more complicated than you’d imagine.

Moving: The Planning

So, I’ve made the decision. I am moving out. I’m going to change my environment and be where I can grow to my true potential. Now, comes planning my move.

Moving: The Decision

Moving is no small decision. I wrote about starting over in the past, but I never got into moving all too much. I was more focused on putting across the importance of the decision.

Working with People

Everyone who’s working, or have worked on a school project with that one person that you just loathe. Maybe you dislike them, maybe they don’t like you, maybe they’re difficult to work with, or maybe they're just plain daft.

Starting over: My humble opinion

Hit a roadblock? Been through a rough patch and can’t stand right? We’ve all been there in life, where it just no longer feels right and living with it is difficult. Here's what you might want to do.

What is happening to the world?

The wonderful world that we live in, has changed. I’m in no position to say how much the world has changed.

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